It has been requested from country’s cultural institutions in UIAI’s statement that they shoud oblige themselves to fulfill some actions supporting Al-quds during the year, and Also it has been emphasized on necessity of payin more serious attention to The issue.

Here is the full text of The statement:

“We can see a great alteration in Palestine. Hamas has been actualize its threats and targeted Tel aviv and other cities in occoupied Palestine. However; there was some martyres in Gaza but this action of Hamas indicates delusion of constant security and unefficiency of The Iron dome.

The importance of Al-quds youth rise and targeting Israel in such a situation that Al-quds had been declared as Isreal’s capital and arabic governments of the region also supported that, was more than ever. It showd that the light of hope in Palestine crisis is giving credit to Palestinian youth beside supports of Islamic Ummah, accourding to Ayatollah Khamenei’s lecture on Al-quds day.

In this very complex situation, UIAI calls iranian cultural institutions to establish an Al-quds committee, do some serious actions at least once a season.

Acquainting iranian society about importance of the issue and trying to develop spontaneous movements and also extending the communications with movements wich are working on the issue abroad, can be purposes of theses comittees.

UIAI declares that it’s part of our duty to demand some actions about Al-quds, and every 6 monthes will give the report to the honorable people of Iran.

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